11 Methods for Cleaning Jewelry at Home

A piece of jewelry might cost a lot of money, so you want it to seem brand new whenever you wear it. The shine on your jewelry might fade over time, and you may not even be aware of it. Over time, dirt, debris, and other common pollutants build up, reducing the jewelry’s shine.

For the most part, jewelry cleaning is a piece of cake when you know how to do it properly. Keep your jewelry in excellent condition without the use of expensive jewelry cleaners. Just a few minutes and the right chemicals are all that are needed to bring out the best in your diamond jewelry and gold.

DIY jewelry cleaners may be made from inexpensive stuff you already have. Be aware that certain hacks are better suited to certain kinds of jewelry or certain types of diamonds. In contrast to gold and platinum, delicate gemstones cannot be cleaned using harsher methods.

Always check the metal content of your jewelry before making a purchase. Instead of attempting to clean your jewelry at home if you are unsure, seek the advice of an expert. Or you can read this informative piece we created.

In-Home Jewelry Effective Cleaning Methods

1. Toothpaste

The soft abrasives in toothpaste may help clean silver jewelry. Use toothpaste to restore silver embellishments. We are not talking about gel or herbal.

A few minutes of gently rubbing the small earrings with your fingertips should be enough. Wipe off the jewelry with a soft, warm cloth after rinsing it in cool water. To make the pieces shine, dry-wipe them with a gentle cloth.

2. Make Your Diamonds Sparkle with Ammonia

We heard many women telling frustrating stories regarding their engagement rings. Knowing how to clean an engagement ring correctly and what to avoid is critical. Too-thick lotions and moisturizers may leave residue on your ring.

Dirt and discoloration may occur as a result of this process. Remove your ring while you are cooking. It may get discolored if your ring is exposed to food and other oils. Food may be almost hard to remove from your ring, depending on the setting for your stone.

Now in the case of your earrings, remember that our skin’s natural oils, dust, and debris may dull them over time. Popular cosmetics and skin care products create a residue that may build up on the skin.

If you are planning to wear your diamond earrings at a party, make sure you are careful while using the hairspray, lotion, and sunscreen. They may leave a film on jewelry. Always remove your jewelry before using any of these items to avoid it being soiled. If you don’t, then you will need the help of ammonia.

Ammonia can be used to clean diamonds without damaging them. How? Put water and ammonia in a container. Set the new earrings you wore on your anniversary aside for 15 minutes in the container. After soaking, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt.

Before reassembling, clean the item’s nooks and recesses to remove dirt and debris. Use a soft towel to dry the thing after rinsing it with water.

3. Vinegar and Diatomaceous Earth Clean Gold and Gemstones Well

It’s a popular solution to clean jewelry when vinegar is used. Gold and diamonds are particularly well-served by vinegar, which can be used to clean just about everything.

Half-fill a jar or plate with white vinegar and soak your gold diamond wedding sets in it. Every several minutes, stir the vinegar-soaked jewelry to prevent stagnation. Allow the jewelry to soak for approximately 15 minutes.

After soaking your gold jewelry, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your jewelry. Pat dry after rinsing with cold water. A little diatomaceous earth on jewelry may prevent corrosion.

4. Ketchup

Using ketchup to brighten up your silver jewelry is an easy way to do it. If you leave your silver knickknacks out too long, they may tarnish. The ketchup will work its magic on jewelry with a smooth surface if you don’t tamper with it.

Jewelry with many nooks and crannies requires a little more time and attention. Use an old toothbrush and ketchup to clean your jewelry’s crevices. Use a delicate towel to dry your items after rinsing them in warm water. Using the same soft cloth, buff each piece to a mirror-like shine.

5. A Thorough Cleaning with Baking Soda

Allow a chemical reaction to handling cleaning if you don’t feel like scrubbing. In the presence of water, baking soda and effervescent heartburn treatments react.

Your jewelry will be riddled with bubbles and fizz once this reaction occurs. Substitute an active material for the water in a small dish containing your jewelry.

Remove the jewelry from the bowl and wipe it down with a cleaning cloth after soaking it for a few minutes. Before putting your jewelry away, let it air dry completely. But remember, don’t use this method to clean pearls or fragile jewels.

6. Shampoo

Put your pearl earrings in a mixture of baby shampoo and water. Afterwards, rinse the jewelry well. For the sake of your precious pearls, don’t keep this for too long. For this, it is best to use a little paintbrush, such as a make-up brush.

Rinse with cold water and use a cool setting on your hair dryer to dry. Gently wipe it down with a soft towel before reapplying the polish. It is possible to prolong the brilliance of your pearls with proper maintenance. The same method can be used to clean your diamond tennis bracelet too.

7. Use Soap and Water to Get Back to Basics

For good reason, soap and water are one of the most often used cleaning solutions. Jewelry may be cleaned fast and safely at home with this simple method. To clean the jewelry, use a few drops of liquid dish soap with a few glasses of water.

Make a paste from the ingredients and dip your jewelry into it for a short period of time. Then use a fresh cloth to remove any remaining spots.

Jewelry should be allowed to dry out before being put away for storage. The procedure works great for sterling silver jewelry with minor spots, tarnish, or wear and tear.

8. Window Cleaner

When cleaning jewelry, whether made of metal or gemstones, a simple window cleaner will do the trick. Spray your diamond studs with the cleaning solution from a spray bottle. Gently rub the trinkets with an old and baby-soft toothbrush until they shine.

With a soft towel, your jewelry will look like it just came out of the store. If you have a piece that contains opal, sapphire, coral, or pearl, do not use window cleaner to clean it. The ammonia in these cleaning solutions will damage these valuable stones.

9. Silver Jewelry Benefits from Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be used to clean tarnished silver jewelry. In terms of cleaning silver at home, it’s the best way out there.

Spread your jewels out on a piece of the foil-lined tray. Baking soda must be applied to the whole surface of each jewelry item. To clean jewelry, bring a kettle of water to a boil, then gently pour it over it.

The foil collects the tarnish on the jewelry, which it then picks up and cleans. It is a terrific option for those interested in learning how to clean jewelry at home.

Before wiping the opposite side of your jewelry, clean one side first. Your jewelry will be cleaned this way evenly. Pat dry well after rinsing with warm water.

10. Denture Tablets

All it takes to restore the luster of your hard stone jewelry is a bucket of warm water and a few denture tablets. Rinse your diamond jewelry in cold water after soaking it for 15 to 20 minutes.

To bring out the radiance and glimmer, pat dry with a paper napkin or the air. Use jewelry without pearls or lapis to avoid permanently damaging the stones.

11. Hot Water

The simplest (and least costly) way to clean hard metal jewelry is with hot water. The steam and heat loosen dirt and debris from the jewelry, making it easier to remove. 

In a heat proof container, pour boiling water over the jewelry until it’s thoroughly covered. Wait until the water has cooled off before removing the jewelry. You may take your jewelry from the basin and wipe it off with a clean cloth to eliminate any dirt. Jewelry should be allowed to dry out before being put away for storage.

Keep in mind that this method will not work with several gemstones, including pearls, opals, and others. This procedure is only suitable for silver, gold, platinum, and diamonds.


It’s more important than ever to be able to clean your jewelry in the comfort of your own home. With these easy procedures, you can polish your valuables in minutes instead of hours or days. Also, the methods above won’t cost you much compared to having your jewelry cleaned by professionals. You may learn a lot about jewelry and cleaning various kinds of items if you follow our tips above.

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