3 Top Outdoor Activities with Your Ebikes in 2022

People have been using traditional bikes to go for outdoor activities. However, since ebikes have taken over the global market these years, many people are trying to engage in outdoor activities with ebikes.

There are all kinds of outdoor activities for fun, but with an ebike, what outdoor activities can we really have? This article will tell you about xx outdoor activities with ebikes, just stick with us and take this adventure.

Family Time

Magicycle Powerful Hill-Climbing Electric Bikes

In my opinion, ebikes can really help make people enjoy life together. Nowadays, most of us, including children, are so engaged in social media, such as cell phones and computers. Even when we are having meals, some of us may still stare at the screens. Also, when it comes to exercise, we are not always together due to our different ages as it may be difficult for aged parents to keep up with their children.

Ebikes can be one of the best ways to tackle this problem. You can adjust the speed via the throttles or the PAS without any effort. Parents don’t have to hurt their knees and joints by pedaling hard., even the old can ride ebikes easily. From this perspective, ebikes can really gather the whole family together.

Have A Dating

Magicycle cruiser pro

Actually, ebikes can not only be used by families, you can also use them while you are dating your loved one. With ebikes, you and your beloved partner can travel around without being stuck in traffic, which may ruin your perfect day of dating.

Moreover, riding electric mountain bikes can make it much easier to reach those perfect spots for dating. During that ride, you two just are able to have a long and great talk.


Magicycle Long-Range Cruiser Pro

Going camping could be an exciting outdoor activity, especially for a family. There are many benefits for a family to go camping with ebikes. First, you can get fit while riding to the destination. If you go camping by driving a car, you won’t get that fitness. Second, you will never miss the scenery on your way to the destination. One of the regrets of driving to a campsite is that you may miss the scenery around you while driving and it is part of the camping to enjoy that. By riding an ebike, whenever you find something beautiful, you can just stop and take a look.

I believe it is crystal clear that ebikes are great for camping, but here are 3 tips for you since it is quite special to go camping with ebikes.

1. Remember to take a charger.

Even though it is great to go camping with electric bikes, you will be frustrated enough if your ebikes run out of battery in the middle of the journey. However,  if you have a long-range ebike, you may not need to worry about that in a short journey.

2. Pack things up.

Before going camping with ebikes, you have to pack things up wisely as you cannot take as much stuff as you can with a car. And the things people need to take for camping can vary based on the circumstances. Here are some indispensable things you have to take. First, ebike charger, otherwise, you may need to push your ebikes back home, which is annoying. Second, a pannier bag. This is fundamental gear for packing things up, and you are recommended to choose one of large capacity. Magicycle’s pannier bag has a capacity of 20L, and there are abundant built-in compartments, in which you can easily store various items such as computers, clothes, shoes, etc, check the link below to know more features:

3. Choose an appropriate campsite.

Going camping with ebikes means that you can’t take a long journey even though you own long-range ebikes. Taking Magicycle Ocelot Pro as an example, it has a maximum range of 80 miles, which means if you pick a campsite hundreds of miles away from home, it will be unrealistic to ride your ebikes. Therefore, you’d better think twice before selecting a camping spot.

Best Ebikes for Outdoor Activities

There are all sorts of ebikes on the market, but not all of them are suitable for camping. Here are our recommendations.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

No matter what kind of outdoor activities you are going to take, it will always be the best choice to have a long-range ebike. Magicycle Ocelot Pro has a 52V 20Ah large battery, providing a maximum range of 80 miles. Moreover, it has a 750 Watt 96 torque powerful motor, which can take you anywhere right at once. The 96Nm is equivalent to the torque level of an 800cc gas-fueled Motorcycle. And the motor can reach the peak output of 1144 Watts. Its step-thru design allows people of different heights to get on and off easily.

Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Ebike
When it comes to outdoor activities, a folding ebike can be your good friend. If a storm occurs and you don’t feel like riding, you can just book a hotel and put it in the corner, which won’t take up too much space. Magicycle Jaguarundi can fold to a small size that enables you to put it right at the corner.

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