5 Common Skin Issues in Women

Men and women possess the same skin types and can suffer from quite similar skin conditions. But sometimes, some skin conditions can impact women differently. There are a lot of factors that can impact the skin of women differently than men. 

The best female skin specialist in Karachi says that apart from environmental factors and lifestyle, hormones and reproductive differences can play a huge role in impacting women with skin conditions differently.

There are a number of skin conditions that can occur to both men and women but there are a few that are a lot common in women. There are 5 major types of skin problems that are observed a lot in women. These are explained below. 


Psoriasis is a very common skin condition that can impact anyone at any point in time. It is an autoimmune disease that causes red patches on the skin and makes the skin scaly. 

But, it has been observed that psoriasis affects women badly when they are entering puberty. Women who have just given birth or who are close to menopause are also very much likely to get affected by psoriasis.

Hormones also do play a very important role here. So psoriasis flare-ups are always observed more when a woman is stressed or worried. The stress is linked in a way that it increases the risk of the condition occurring to a woman when she is stressed about looking attractive or perfect. 


Out of all the skin cancers, melanoma is one of the most prevalent and dangerous forms of cancer. The risk of melanoma increases with the increase in age but it has been observed to be affecting young women. 

The main reason behind this is tanning, which takes place at indoor facilities. Young women and especially teenage girls are more inclined towards using tanning beds as compared to men. This then results in affecting women’s skin badly causing skin cancer i.e. melanoma. 

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are seen to be affecting women more than men. These appear as fine lines and stripes on the skin and can make the skin have a different texture. These are observed a lot in women as they are formed on the skin during a time when the skin is stretched a lot in a short period of time i.e. pregnancy. 

Women when pregnant not only get stretch marks on their belly but also get them on the other parts of the body with all the weight that they gain during pregnancy. In some women, these are seen to be forming due to conditions that cause hindrance in collagen production.

Stretch marks don’t cause any harm to the body but are not a good sight for the eyes. These can be treated by getting treatments done or by using creams and gels available in the markets. 

Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes can affect women in the form of small blisters and clusters of ulcerations. These can appear on the vulva, upper thighs, and on the skin of the buttocks. These can stay on the skin for a couple of weeks and can occur again in the same area.

To confirm the diagnosis, a swab is taken and tested in the laboratory. For back-to-back attacks of genital herpes, medication is prescribed and for more frequent attacks, preventive courses are suggested by experts. 


A very common skin condition observed in women in their middle age is Rosacea. This can impact the skin by causing pimples and redness all over the face. This condition affects women usually when menopause hits. 

There is no explanation as to why women suffer from rosacea after menopause. But it is observed that men and women who blush easily or whose blood vessels dilate quickly are more likely to suffer from rosacea. 

One of the major causes of women experiencing rosacea is the hot flashes experienced during menopause. 

Spotting on the Skin

Even after caring so much about your face and protecting it with sunscreen time and time again, it is very much likely that your hands and neck don’t get the same protection as you forget to apply some on your hands and neck. Just like UV rays affect the face, they affect the hands and neck too. 

If you go out for a walk, drive in the Sun or, or get exposed to the Sun by sitting near a window then this means that your skin is directly exposed to UV Rays and these rays then cause dark spots on the skin. 

It is however common for both men and women to get their skin damaged by the Sun. So, it is important to use the exact same products of protection on the other exposed areas along with the face. 


There are a number of skin diseases health and conditions that can affect a person, but there are some of the issues that are more likely to affect women and impact their skin more than men. The above-mentioned conditions can occur to women of any age  and can leave

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