Walk in the sandhan valley Perhaps the most beautiful ditch in the Sahadori mountains, the path to the valley is a picturesque valley of insects, ice and insects. It is located near the famous Fort Ratangad fort in Nagar area, also called Sandhan Valley and Valley.This sharp valley is 200 meters below ground level and is 2 km long. The trip was clearly a unique understanding of a lunar eclipse and the brief time under the bright sky next to the dam was beyond doubt. Sakuraya on the cake is surrounded by strong Madang, Alan and Clan and is considered the most difficult journey in Sahyadri. 

In some places, the paths do not exceed 3 meters in height and have different locations. The sun later changed the name of the place, Val das Sombras. Towards the end of the valley you will find views of the valley which are steep and steep cliffs. It should wrap around a 45 meter long leg. 

path to the valley

The other two patches should be lowered using a string.After descending the cliff, the camp was cut off to take a break on the city cliffs under the bright stars. There is a small stream that flows into the large pond. The flow is the source. Lake water is not suitable for drinking, so drinking cold water also allows you to observe meteors at night through openings created 15 meters wide and 200 meters wide. Can be. 

This will be a trip to the Sandhan Valley. This trip brings interesting encounters and is a combination of professional activities such as mood and mood. Get a different experience to other Maharashtra trips. See canyoning, hiking and climbing. Mountaineering, rappelling, hiking, landing, diving, camping .. complete training in valley protection, backpacks, hiking trails.

Sandhan Valley Trek 

Sandhan Valley Trek is an interesting combination that combines practical training such as rappelling and life in nature.The Sandhan Valley is a valley that cuts 200 meters of water at ground level. This bar is located in the beautiful area of ​​Bhandardara, near the city called Samrad. Samrad City and Sandhan Valley are surrounded by the Madang promotion mountain, Alan. This area includes the mountains of Ratangad, Ajoba and Karsobai. K Sobai is the most famous rock in Maharashtra, spanning 5,400 feet.

Perfect Landing

Perfect Sandhan Perfect Landing A spectacular rugged hill between the two main sides of the Trek Mountains. It is less than 3 meters wide in some places, so sunlight does not reach in some places. Therefore, it is called Vale da Sombra. It is open on time except for storms. To reach the end of the cycle, you need to go through several puddles. Water level varies from season to season, moderate height in winter and knee height during spring. 

At the end of the canyon you will have a magnificent view of the huge mountains and the great gorge. A trip to Sandhan County combines a rappelling experience with mountaineering and bedside stairs. With special support from skilled craftsmen and all vehicle safety equipment, Sandhan Valley is available from November to May.

Sandhan’s journey began

Sandhan’s journey began from the city of Samrad. All trips, including rappelling and crossing puddles. Plus, it’s one of those life experiences you’ll hear at the end of the trip, along with a deeper look. On foot In a few hours with Samrad, walking in shallow water and 2-4 feet. Tarzan swing button on the silo and rappelling to take advantage of the rope ladder. After that, the cave was dragged. At that moment you will descend and walk among the mountains. 

There is a deep pool to swim in, after falling wide, and get somewhere else. Your ideas include Van Apex and Ajoba Hill. You can camp. At the moment you are in the valley looking for the best outdoor experience ever.There are no hostels or hotels nearby, but there are rural houses near Samrad. It’s safe. If you don’t want to camp right now, head to the best accommodation at the airport. If you try .MTDC Resort, it is very famous. You can also explore some of the airport’s attractions and options, such as Anandvan Resort, to enjoy luxury after a hard day.

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