Buying Guide for Water Filters & Cartridges

Is your tap water safe for drinking and cooking purposes? You will be unaware of the reality, the truth is that tap water must be filtered before consumption. Water found in both metropolitan and water supplies is contaminated, and it contains potential pollutants and contaminants such as lead, ammonia, pesticides, fertilizers, and bacteria. It is important to remove all the impurities before offering water. Brita water filter cartridges are one of the best water filters in the UK.

The effectiveness of a water filtering device for removing contaminants depends on technology. Different water filters contain other technology such as Carbon water filters, UV water filters, water distillers, and more for home water filtration devices and purifying systems. 

Reverse osmosis is one of the effective water purification techniques that remove all the contaminants and offer pure water. Many water purification systems and water purifying pitchers and filters follow this technique. Other purifying devices operate on simple filtration principles and fail to remove chlorine, sulfur, lead, and other heavy metals. So, it is not a simple matter to select the best water filter according to your needs.

What are the Options when Buying a Water Filter?

To consider various options for choosing the best water filter, it is essential to know your water quality. You may be looking for a water filter to improve the water quality and taste, but some harmful agents in your water could cause serious health issues. So, it is important to sort out first what is in your water. For this purpose, you can perform a water analysis at home or benefit from private water testing services.

Once the water analysis is performed, you will know what type of water filter you need. Various water filtration methods are used in multiple formats and different combinations. The reality is that no one size fits all when choosing the water filters. Here is a list of water filtration systems that you can consider to enjoy pure and freshwater drinking experience:

Water filter pitcher

It is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of filtering water at home. They are portable and require no proper setup for the process. The water filter pitchers have a water reservoir in which you pour water that passes through the water filter cartridges using gravity. The simple activated carbon filters are available in the market, so you can easily get an order online.

Faucet water filters

As the name reveals, the faucet water filters are attached at the top of the faucets that clean the water directly. From the simplest carbon water filters to advanced multi-functional water filters are used in faucet water filters. Safe, pure, and freshwater is directly obtained to cater to drinking and cooking needs.

Showerhead water filter

One of the advanced water filters can be easily attached to the showerheads. The water filters installed on the shower head remove all the harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation and dryness. Depending upon your needs, you can get them installed easily.

Countertop water filters

Countertop water filters are commonly used in households as they are inexpensive methods of getting pure water for kitchen use. They offer a similar water filter experience to using the multi-stage RO filters. 

Under sink water filters

Under sink water filters are used to supply pure water to multiple closets linked to the sink. They can be as simple as basic water filtration mini plants or multi-stage RO systems. They offer various sources to get pure water but also occupy cabinet space. 

Whole house water filters

Whole house water filters work best for houses with a permanent issue of low water quality. They are RO systems that are connected to the main water supply of your home. If your water is of poor quality and contains calcium, which clogs the pipes and results in the stain on sinks and bathtubs and damages the interior, then choose this water filter. 

Choosing the water filter depends upon your requirements and usage amount. The water filters operate using softeners, cartridges, and UV filters. Hence, it is practicality that depends on your filter requirements. You can choose any style of water filter that suits you well according to your lifestyle. For instance, portable water filter jugs require water filtering cartridges that need replacement after a few weeks. Brita water filter is best for use in water filter pitchers, and it offers a divine drinking experience of fresh and clean water.

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