Common Mistakes for Making Cartridge Boxes and How to Avoid Them?

The cartridge box is an indispensable part of the package for a product. It makes up for all its visual information and creates the first impression of the product by drawing attention to it. If you need to make your own vape cartridge packaging boxes or would like to make them better-looking, read these tips on how to avoid common mistakes while designing them.

Mistake 1: Lack of Design

This may sound obvious, but many people start with creating their designs without any preliminary sketches. Whether you are designing a simple mobile phone cover or something more complicated, sketching helps in every stage of the design process, from working out ideas to choosing materials to prepare stencils. This way, you can see problems early at this stage and solve them.

Mistake 2: Using Low-Quality Materials

It is critical to use high-quality materials as they influence the appearance and durability of your box design. In most cases, cardboard becomes a bad background for your design because it looks too dark, dull or just cheap. Instead, choose materials that can be printed on, such as white or colored cardboard or matte paper with a smooth surface. At the same time, if you need to consider environmental aspects when choosing materials, try recycled ones instead of new paperboard boxes.

Mistake 3: Using the Wrong Color Scheme

Color should always play an important role in designing box covers since it has a strong impact on their look and feel while setting up the right mood for users. The color of the box cover should be chosen according to its purpose and potential audience. For example, if you’re designing a game for kids, choose brighter colors such as red, yellow or blue while sticking to white letters or numbers.

Mistake 4: Not Using White Space

Nowadays, we use computers and tablets more than printouts, so people get used to small texts and tiny images. But when it comes to making cartridge boxes, it’s essential to use big and bold fonts for titles and subtitles while leaving lots of space around them. In addition, don’t forget about white space, which is vital in box design since it helps users focus on specific elements no matter how many there are on the covers.

Mistake 5: Making Text Too Small

Cartridge boxes are about entertainment which is why they should feature high-quality images and bright titles. So, when creating titles for them, make sure you use big fonts or, even better, stick to short ones like “A” or “The.” In addition, don’t forget that users will have to see cartridge box labels from a certain distance, so choose appropriate sizes for them.

Mistake 6: Using Unclear Names

When it comes to making a new cartridge box label, keep in mind that its name has to be as clear as possible. Thus, avoid using abbreviations instead of full names since they may puzzle some gamers. Don’t forget that you can always use an additional subtitle below the main title as long as it doesn’t bother users and is as clear as the main title.

Mistake 7: Using Letters with Odd Protrusion

Cartridge box labels with protruded letters can be really difficult to read, and it may take even twice as much time for people to read the text (especially if they play in a poorly lit room). So, avoid such mistakes and use cartridge box label templates that look clean and neat. If you want your titles to be readable from a distance, stick to simple designs without too many visual effects.

 Mistake 8: Forgetting About Fonts

The default font type used in most word processing software isn’t very suitable when creating new cartridge box labels. What’s more, try not choosing bright colors for them because this way, the text will be barely readable. So, when choosing a font type and color, consider your target audience and use fonts that are easy on the eye (all caps for titles and proper casing for body texts).

Another important thing to remember is to use only one font family because using two or more may make your labels look cheap and unprofessional. Use bold and italic styles in order to highlight certain words in the title or box description.

Mistake 9: Forgetting About the Box Layout

One of the most common reasons why cartridge boxes don’t meet their sales targets is due to poor layout design. It’s crucial that you leave enough space around all sides of the printed image (especially pictures); otherwise, they won’t fit into the desired spot neatly. Always leave more than 3 mm white around the printed image in order to avoid trimming or cutting off text/pictures.

Cartridge boxes should always be printed at 300 dpi (dots per inch), so they look crisp and sharp when you zoom them onto the larger size. Always use high-quality images for your cartridge box designs because otherwise, they will look unprofessional, blurry and unappealing. The easiest way to get the desired quality is by using professional photo editors like Photoshop that allow you to upscale the resolution of photos without making them look pixelated or unnatural.

Mistake 10: Not Paying Attention to Final Export

You must make sure that the final export of your design is at 300dpi (at least) for the best results. The box should not include any blurry or pixelated images because they make it look cheap and unprofessional.

Creating eye-pleasing kraft packaging wholesale isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re new to the business. However, there are many helpful tutorials available online that can lead you through the whole process easier. The main thing is to always check everything twice before ordering your boxes since your success depends on them!

Concluding Remarks:

Believe it or not, the process of getting your products ready for production is just half the battle. The other half is getting your product to its proper destination without any damage caused by poor packaging.

Using the tips I’ve given here will help you get rid of this problem and focus on what matters most – Your business! So, get organized save your time & money using these helpful tips!

Moreover, keep visiting my blogs to know more about packaging.

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