Considering Custody and Child Maintenance in Pakistan

Considering Custody and Child Maintenance in Pakistan:

 If you are considering filing case of child custody in Pakistan or child maintenance in Pakistan please contact Jamila Law Associates. Property is purported to be transferred thus, not considered compulsorily registerable under Registration Act, 1908 for child custody in Pakistan or child maintenance in Pakistan.

Property Based on Nikahnama:

The wife is entitled to claim immovable property based on Nikahnama, wherein the same is incorporated instead of Dower. Any property transferred to the bride instead of Dower having mentioned in the Nikahnama prescribed in Form II stands transferred in the bride’s name. However, we find one instance quoted in Zaad-ul-Miaad by Hafiz Abdul Qayyum (Vol. IV) on page 299. It says that a neglected wife, Honda by name, complained to the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him) that her husband was economically well off. Yet, as he was extremely miser, he did not allow adequate food to her, and the Holy Prophet allowed her to take away from the foodstuff stored in the house as much as her genuine needs permitted.


Through this incident does not deal with the past maintenance as that was not. Yet, a son, but one thing that comes out crystal clear from this historical episode is the factum of emphasis on a wife’s right to be maintained by her husband including child custody in Pakistan or child maintenance in Pakistan. So much so that taking of foodstuff without the Knowledge or permission of the husband, which otherwise amounted to theft according to the norms prevalent in that society as well, was permitted by the Holy Prophet only to avoid hardship to a wife and to prove her with her rightful claim of maintenance.

Child Custody in Pakistan:

Here we may further add for child custody in Pakistan or child maintenance in Pakistan, and we have great respect for all, the Muslim Jurists. Still, at the same time, we feel that the opinion of such Jurists should find preference which is more akin to reason and pre Shafii and Shariah school of thought on this topic.”  surely that is what we have tried to do while adopting the view. The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 means that a husband has to maintain his Wife adequately,” and if he has more wives than one, he must maintain them equitably. Therefore, the child custody in Pakistan or child maintenance in Pakistan should be a bare minimum sustenance allowance, but a convenient provision by the husband also what the Wife’s needs are.


It is not the meeting of the mere wants by way of sustenance because, in these days of inflationary trend and the constant rise in the cost of living index, it is bound to work a hardship on the w. Iterate responsibility of marriage has to maintain his Wife, and it is necessary to ascertain the visible means and husband’s earning capacity for child custody in Pakistan or child maintenance in Pakistan. The Court has to look into consideration not only the. Heds of the Wife and the paying capacity and circumstances of the husband liable to pay maintenance after striking out a party’s marriage of the parties is dissolved by the Court.

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