Digital Age Verification – Replacing Age Gates with Reliable Online Solutions

The wave of digital transformation of technologies has caused industries to reap benefits in various aspects. Online sales have seen an increase during the period of Covid-19. This has caused the owners of age-restricted products and services to go through certain challenges and responsibilities. From instant grocery delivery services containing packs of cigarettes, wine, and beer to playing around on online casinos, all such activities have been upheld by individuals during the time of crisis of the pandemic. Therefore, to ensure a secure experience for minors on the internet, online age verification solutions need to be embedded in businesses. 

The Old Methods of Age Checks

To verify age, organizations used to implement specific age gates concerning the age verification law passed by their government. This was enforce to prevent minors from purchasing age-restricted products and to save them from getting exposure to adult content digitally. But are these age checks still effective in the online world?. Well perhaps no, as it depends on the honesty of an individual in filling out the correct date of birth details. Companies were unable to detect whether they are telling the truth or not. These types of age checks can easily be dodge by children by ticking out the boxes of the required legal age and gaining access to the site illegally. 

Understanding the Online Process of Age Verification

To get age verified digitally, individuals will be asked to enter the detail about their date of birth, after which they will have to showcase a picture of their identity card digitally through which the text referring to the age of the user will be extract by the optical character recognition software. Upon comparing both of the information, the verification results will be generate. Another useful procedure for the companies is KYCC (also known as Know Your Customer’s Customer) in which they can keep a track of the customers with whom their clients are further dealing to protect businesses from getting any harm. This will get to know about the age details of the other third-party clients as well. 

Different Sectors Gaining Benefits By Digital Age Verification 

Various industries can get profit by implying the digital age verification solutions in their companies. Some of those sectors are list below

Online Casinos and Gambling 

The gaming industry is prone to fraudsters who can disrupt the gaming experience of the players. People getting onboard on online casinos and gambling games can become a victim of bonus scams. Unable to cash out their money, or may face further troubles if children get in contact with such games. By executing an age verification online system, minors will get identified more accurately while ensuring that they are above the legal age or not. 

E-cigarettes and Tobacco

The tobacco companies should verify the identity and age of the customer before they make a purchase. Since it’s easy for the user to lie. Digital age checks will allow the firms to restrict minors from purchasing any sort of drugs online. In this context, the shufti pro news stated that the nicotine vapor products (NVP) law of Scotland has banned the use or selling of nicotine products and tobacco for people who are under the age of 18. 

Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical companies need to evaluate the age of the person before they purchase a specific medicine. The prescriptions should be check as well as the identity of the person to know about their authenticity to ensure that the person submitting the prescription is legally liable to get access to the drug or not. 

Alcohol-Related Products

The increased sales of beer and wine have caused the owners to overlook their regulations. As underage people are buying these products online more often via an app. If an age verification solution is not implement soon. These companies can face huge fines and lawsuits which can damage them in many ways. Thus, online age checks will limit the usage of alcohol for underage people in a more reliable aspect. 

Sectors Showcasing Adult Content

Many online sites display explicit content which can negatively affect the minds of minors. Getting expose to adult content can exploit their thinking capabilities at a very young age. Therefore, implying digital age verification, companies can prohibit children while making a safer experience on the internet. 

Wrapping it Up

Many retailers in the past, applied inadequate age verification measures on their sites. Which led minors to bypass them and get access to the age-restricted products easily. The old methods of verifying age have not remained reliable. Due to this companies are moving toward an online age verification system. Great acquisitions are receiving for enabling this process successfully such as shufti pro funding. This will help different sectors to make the onboarding experience of the customers reliable and accurate. 

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