Do You Know How Many Minutes Are There in a Year?

Finding the exact number of minutes in a year just seems like very easy math that can be immediately attempted and solved especially if you are good in math. If you go ahead with the calculation, probably you likely will arrive at Five hundred and twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes (525,600), which of course, is correct. Anyhow, what you may be not have known is that there is a chance that this answer could be wrong just as it is correct.

How can you calculate the number of minutes in a year?

Before delving into why and what state of affairs 525, six hundred mins can be wrong, allow us to first set up a way to come through this result. It is essential to the nation that in case you aren’t an arithmetic lover or locate calculation usually difficult, you do now no longer need to fear due to the fact the calculation technique is clearly simplified here. In fact, you do now no longer want extra than fundamental geometry expertise to undergo and recognize it perfectly. Just comply with the mentioned steps.

  • STEP ONE: Breakdown the units of time in a year

A year is made from 12 months, every month is made from days, an afternoon has 24 hours, and an unmarried hour is made from 60 minutes. You should keep right all the way down to seconds, however, it isn’t always essential for now.

  • STEP TWO: Find out the total number of days in a year

This is due to the fact the variety of days withinside the months of the yr isn’t always the same. So, it’s miles less difficult to decide and paintings with the overall variety of days in a yr, that’s 365.

  • STEP THREE: Find out how many minutes there are in a single day

To get the right answer, all you need to do is to multiply the number of minutes in a single hour by the total number of hours in a day. i.e.

60 (minutes) x 24 = 1440 minutes (in a day)

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