Do You Know How To Throw College Dorm Party

After school, college is the best place to make friends, enjoy life, learn new things, present your personality, achieve your goals, plan your future and etc. College life is a bit hard regarding studies, as teachers are not as responsible as in schools. Students themselves need to pay attention and secure good grades and percentages.

College Dorm Parties and Much More:

As life is hard in college, so the parties are. College parties are not easy to attend as a school.  These parties have different themes, ideas, plans, and experiences. Usually, there are six types of parties are conducted in colleges in western countries. These are:

Theme party

This is the common party in college. It is a creative party, where the host and guests, all have different themes and costumes. They usually dressed up with different themes. Everyone wants to look different than others. So sometimes they adopt different personality getups and etc.  These parties are considered a bit silly because the next morning they need to justify themselves. 

The bangers

At this type of party, there are so many people and music. The venue is not decided earlier when all came then the venue is being disclosed.  Re:

The tailgate

It is a type of party which we usually saw in movies when teams won they have celebrations in the open place. At this party, there is a lot of fun, food, and alcohol.  It is the only party, in which drinking is allowed during the daytime. It is basically the celebration of winning the game.

The Basement Bash

This type of party is celebrated in the basement. So it has so much fun, loud music, and dance. At these types of parties, some unknown singing bands are also invited, so it is a non-stop fun time.

The Frat Party

This type of party is usually arranged in US colleges. Where the organizer called many old and new students. Here new students get the opportunity to meet and develop relations with old students. At this party, there is a lot of noise and drinking. This is totally non-academic party and all members have to attend it.

Dorm party

It is the most unforgettable party of college. This type of party is a small party as it’s arranged in the College Dorm Party. Where selected people gathered and enjoy it. At this party, friends have a lot of fun. And the volume of music would be slow, so others may not be disturbed.

Dorms are the room, allocated to students who came from other towns, cities, and countries, for their stay. These types of parties are considered helpful, for educational purposes. 

At these parties, study games are played to increase IQ level, as well as educational interest. At these parties, games, gifts, and talks are shared with each other. Sometimes dance and music are also a part of this party, so with it, strength level is being checked.

Final Words (Stay Safe):

Parties are never been appreciated, as unusual things may take place. So when you are going to enjoy such parties, you must be very careful.  You should keep your eyes open. You should follow the rules. And do not spoil your studies and results. You should avoid drinking at this party, as drinking is strictly banned in colleges. In the US, colleges and universities permitted the parties within college or university, to avoid any violation.

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