Finding the Right Bed for your Dog

Your pet best friend has probably outgrown your own bed and it’s time to move him or her to her own bed. Or maybe you need some privacy and a few extra hours to catch on some much needed sleep, and it doesn’t help getting woken up every time when you are just about to hit the peak of your sleep. Don’t worry though; you don’t have to force them into a kennel just yet. There is a wide variety of beds for your pet dog and this article will guide you making the right choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed

Just like choosing your own bed, you should also put in some thought and consideration when choosing a dog bed. It’s not that automatic that simply because you bring in a bed, your dog will immediately take to it. You can consider the following factors before choosing a dog bed. 


Not all dogs are the same and there are personality differences in your dog pets just as much as there are personality differences in your home or amongst your friends. There are the grumpy ones, the jumpy kind, and even the playful types. These personality differences affect the way your dog will approach the new dog-bed. If your dog is the laid back kind, then chances are it will maintain a tidy bed, and so your choice of beddings doesn’t need to be too rigid. 

Dog Breed and Size

Your dog might be a puppy now, but its breed may grow to a much larger size. You don’t want to be buying a new bed every couple of months and so it would be better to consider a bed size according to the potential size of your adult dog. Get a larger bed to give your dog room for growth. A larger bed also helps dogs to stretch out properly and this prevents joint problems. 

Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

As your dog grows up, it will develop its own personality and its particular sleeping style. Some dogs are sprawlers and therefore will need a bigger bed, and with fitted beddings. Others tend to curl up, and therefore you will need a small bed, but not too small so that you can accommodate for their growth. 

Some dogs tend to burrow to find a cozy spot to sleep. It doesn’t matter how cozy your beddings are, but some dogs still believe they can make it much cozier by going under beddings. For this kind of dog, you can consider getting a domed bed and plenty of smaller blankets. 

Choice of Beddings

Your choice of beddings is important for both the dog’s comfort and hygiene. Dogs require a clean environment and since they are pets, you need to take their cleanliness as a priority. Make sure you clean the bedding as often as possible and use disinfectants to kill of any mites, lice, bedbugs and other insects that will definitely want to live there. Use anti bacterial beddings, which are waterproof to make cleaning easier and to prevent buildup of dirt and pathogens.

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