Guhantara Resort is the perfect weekend destination


Guhantara is a place snuggled deep within the heart of Karnataka, that beckons travellers and journey enthusiasts; wherever there are traces of long lost civilizations are preserved and go hand-in-hand with trendy amenities. wherever monolithic stones hold secrets deep in their hearts and below the earth. whispering to those that return here to hunt solitude or pleasure. It’s an absolute visit if you’re going with family, friends or partner. It has amazing spots to click endless great photos and selfies and post it on your socials and flaunt this amazing place to everyone else. This place is not only luxurious but pocket-friendly too. You won’t regret going in there, moreover, you’ll recommend it to your other contacts.

The many indoor and outdoor activities at Guhantara are designed to keep boredom trapped. Fatigue is real, particularly for the guests visiting our premises, and so we tend to make sure that throughout your stay here you mostly have one thing to try to do and appear forward to. Runoff of routine as you unwind at your own pace. The lavish setting and also the atmosphere ensures complete peace of mind for couples, families, and enormous teams alike. 

About : 

When you enter the complicated Guhantara Resort, you get a sense of going back in time. Spending daily here is adore being in a very fairytale forest, however with correct beds, food, and drinks! Midday-out is the best sort of break from town life, supplying you with time and peace of mind to revive yourself for your busy life. Guhantara resort in the city offers one among a sort of days out and spending daily along with your loved ones in an astonishing means.

Being India’s initial underground resort, this resort offers an experience like none out there! Celebrate the stunning and historic design that has been implemented underground while not disturbing nature. With a large type of choices starting from zorbing, pinball, bar, dine, spa then rather more, you’ll positively have fun and refresh yourself. 


Enjoy a daily outing session of 9-hours and spend daily along with your loved ones – choked with fun and delight. Visit India’s initial underground resort with each potential sweetness you’ll raise! Fancy dancing along with your friends and family within the ballroom to your favourite tunes. Select your meals in line with your preference and plans for the day. Take your choice and relax the various activities starting from paintball to indoor games and luxuriate in yourself the foremost. Take pleasure in adrenaline thrilling activities like zorbing and knowledge of that liberating rush. 

Resort Layout : 

Guhantara Resort has 5 areas that offer completely different services – a food hall, a bar lounge, an area, a room, and a spa. 

The name roughly means ‘eating together. The interior decoration is ancient and charming. 

Madhushala is a bar lounge, with austere interior decoration. The atmosphere is intoxicating because the drinks are stimulated by knowledgeable bartenders. 

Tangamandapio, or the area, maybe a large space with a capability of 700 folks, wherever folk artists ready magic with their performances. 

Samvaad is the resort’s room, equipped with progressive facilities like Wi-Fi, a projector, etc. The vibration of the space encourages you to be at your best and as productive as you’ll be. Agastya Kuteera maybe a spa, designed to supply a rejuvenating experience. 

Why it’s an essential visit :

This stony getaway isn’t simply an ideal vacation choice for somebody trying to destress for a few days however conjointly caters to the company groups trying to pay daily out. 

As you hit the track, leave behind this and abandon your worries over the longer term. Guhantara may be a good reinvention of the cave experience, going back to the time when everything was fashioned with the 2 hands of man.

Guhantara Resort, the city, cleanly executes a unique construct of accommodation. Have a motivating stick with the most effective facilities as your fairytale fantasy involves life here. Shortly from the urban area of a metropolitan town, Guhantara Cave Resort makes for a perfect getaway from the city.

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