How Gojek Clone Helps To Increase Your Business Revenue In 2022?

The first quarter of 2022 has ended and it has already proven to be a year full of economic excitement. While on the one hand many businesses are still struggling to find solid footing after the pandemic, many digital platforms are enjoying continued success. The Gojek clone app is one such example. 

With the Corona Virus CoVid 19 pandemic looming over all our heads. The Gojek clone app seemed to be the only solution that allowed entrepreneurs and local service providers to keep their heads above the water. However, the kind of seamlessness and convenience it introduced people to has now made it a necessity even as the world is slowly inching towards normalcy. 

The Gojek clone app is a digital market pace for services. It offers availability and access to over 70 different types of services through a single download and single log in. A user or a service provider simply downloads the app once and accesses everything that the app has to offer. 

gojek clone

The various services that are offered within the Gojek clone app are:

  1. Transportation services
  2. Delivery Services
    1. Parcel delivery
    2. Food Delivery
    3. Grocery Delivery
    4. Pharmaceutical products delivery
    5. Flower delivery
    6. Alcohol delivery
    7. Bottled water delivery 
    8. And much more
  3. Delivery Genie (Delivery runner for errands)
  4. Service Providers
    1. On demand Doctor
    2. On demand nurse
    3. On demand beautician
    4. On demand plumber
    5. On demand electrician
    6. On demand dog walker
    7. On demand tutor
    8. On demand maids
    9. On demand window washer
    10. On demand tailors
    11. On demand car wash
    12. On demand snow plough
    13. On demand car tow
    14. And much more
  5. Online Consultation
    1. Direct online consultation with doctor
    2. Lawyer
    3. Accountants
    4. Trainers
    5. Tutors 
    6. And more
  6. Service Provider Bidding (service providers can bid for jobs posted on the app)


When you look at the Gojek clone app and put it in perspective of the year 2022, you will see that the app itself is a gateway to growing your revenue. You are no longer restricted to earn money from a single source, but can enjoy income from over 70 different types of services. 

Since the app treats service providers as independent individual entrepreneurs, they work with the Gojek clone app in a revenue sharing model. This means that the app owner gets a commission (set in percentages) from the income a service provider generates from the app. Therefore, each time someone uses the app to hire any kind of service provider, the app owner earns money. 

The amount of money the app owner makes too is completely dependent on their own choice. They can set a different percentage of commission for every different service. For example, they can set a higher commission percentage for a taxi ride and a lower one for a dog walking service. This amount can also be adjusted as per inflation or market rates simply from the admin panel of the application. 


The Gojek clone app has become the hot favourite amongst entrepreneurs across the world. This is because of its increasing profitability and the fact that it requires only a one time investment. Since the Gojek clone app is sold as a product and not a service, you only have to buy it once. 

You can take a demo of the app, see what you like and don’t, get the kinks sorted and then launch it as your own on the app store. The app development company should white label the app for you with your logo and brand name, making sure that you can enjoy complete ownership of the app. However, one thing that you must be careful of from your end is to make sure that you only purchase the app from a reputed and reliable on demand mobile app development company that has at least half a decade’s worth of experience in building, white labelling and launching the Gojek clone app. You must also insist on getting the source code of the app licensed to your domain name so that if you need to make any amendments to the app in the future, you can do so easily. 


The Gojek clone app has made the dream of a technology friendly, more accessible service provider base into a reality. You too can cash in on the bounty that this app brings if you invest in it at the right time and build a loyal customer base. Always try to take the demo of the app before putting money in it. The year 2022 brings a promise of success and growth, so, now is your time to shine! Go for it!

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