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How to design a bedroom that is both eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing


A bedroom is a comfortable place we all look for at the end of the day. It is an essential part of our home, and makes it complete. For that reason, we all seek a bedroom which is beautiful and aesthetic, but apart from being beautiful and aesthetic do we realize if it is eco-conscious or not? Probably we decorate our bedroom with apparel that is not nature friendly and directly or indirectly affects our health along with nature. You must be wondering how an eco-conscious bedroom looks like? An eco-conscious bedroom is made with the concern of nature, secondly it is not only about the way it looks, but it is a feeling. A feeling of soothing, relaxation, composure and calm. 

How does an ideal bedroom look like?

However, there are many aspects of an ideal bedroom, but the key essential is, it must provide you with peace. From a long working day, the bedroom is a private space for many people providing respite from the whole day. It is a place to escape from the hustle and relax in your own way, be it by reading a book, listening to music, having a cup of coffee, watching a movie or talking to family and friends. Therefore, it must be designed to be as comfortable as possible and also it should be functional in order to fulfil the occupant’s needs. 

The perfect definition of a bedroom is it should be aesthetic along with environment friendly. Here are some of the approaches by which you can align both strands.

A window– 

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Imaging a room without a window is itself suffocating. A window is a medium through which fresh air and light enter into the room, at least one time during the day it is necessary to make the fresh air and light enter the room. This keeps the fresh energy in the room alive and also prevents disease from penetrating. Moreover, having a window in a room doesn’t make you feel trapped in the room, you can sneak out from the window and see the outside life.

  1. Indoor plants– Indoor plants not only put life in your room, but are most used for decorating the room giving it aesthetic touch. An indoor plant relieves stress, boosts creativity and focus and promotes recovery. There is certain evidence that houseplants improve the quality of air in your room, some of the healthiest indoor plants are aloe vera and majesty palm.
  2. Eco-friendly mattress– An eco-friendly mattress is one which is made by causing no harm to nature, and which is purely made with natural components. As a result, these mattresses give healthy and good sleep and have added benefits of being safer for family, especially children. The mattress is made from dense and thick material making it hard for germs and bacteria to penetrate. To know the best mattresses for yourself, checkout redesigned Beautyrest mattress reviews.

Natural Paint

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 Along with choosing an aesthetic paint for your wall, choose a paint color which is eco-conscious. Being surrounded by beautiful and aesthetic walls is greater when it comes with a natural touch. Some of the popular natural wall paint brands that you can go for are, Nilaya by Asian Paints or Silk Breathe Easy by Berger Paints. These paints are free from chemicals that can cause potential health problems. Chemically loaded paints are responsible for causing dizziness, faintness and headaches etc. On the flip side natural wall paints are made with care and hold gentleness within them.

  1. Natural flooring– For flooring of the room the natural material suggested is bamboo tile or hardwood floor. If you have seen both bamboo and hardwood tile, you must know how aesthetic they look as they are purely natural, and there is nothing more aesthetic than nature itself. They are extremely durable, comfortable to walk and clean and considered ideal for hall room, kitchen and washroom. Although they are expensive but worth investing in because they last much longer.
  2. Wardrobe furniture– Using natural furniture material for bedroom wardrobe is the best choice one can make. These are environmentally friendly, sustainable and best to keep your belongings. Natural components do not allow termites or spiders to make their holes or webs. Thus, your clothes and other items are safe inside the wardrobe even if kept for a longer time. This saves effort of cleaning the wardrobe again and again. You just need to set it right every time you take out or keep something from it.

Sheets, pillows and blankets

6 Eco Friendly Bedding Brands with Organic Sheets, Duvets, Pillows, and  Blankets | Made Trade® Magazine

 We talked about bed, but what about bedding? If you are buying or replacing the bedding, the main thing is to think about its material. The material has to be organic whether it is cotton, wool or hemp. These are some daily usage materials, which we keep most close to our body. And hence, the importance of it increases even more. The artificial fabric can be responsible for skin problems and diseases that are most likely to be visible after a certain year. Although we tend to ignore these minute happenings, they are capable enough to affect us at a larger level.

  1. Scent and ambience– If you are a fan of good fragrance then you are most likely to use air fresheners or room fresheners in your room. Air fresheners are not good for the environment unless they are made from natural ingredients, air fresheners have many toxins and chemicals. Moreover, most air fresheners are for use and throw purpose. Therefore, if you are using air fresheners make sure you use the natural one, else you can simply keep an indoor plant in your room, it will ultimately regulate the fresh air in the room and remove toxins as well.


A bedroom is one which is aesthetic and eco-conscious, and compliments both facets. An aesthetic bedroom cannot be eco-conscious, but an eco-conscious bedroom is always aesthetic. Natural components make the surroundings more gratifying. Moreover, artificial decorative materials might look appealing but when it comes to health, they can affect it seriously. Scientists and experts understood the harmful implications of such artificial and thus, routed their way towards natural methods of setting a room for living, in this reference every necessary element of your room is available in natural form. This is to promote designing and styling of your room in an environmentally friendly behavior.

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