How to Save Money on Landscape Renovation for your Home

Renovation and landscape remodeling quickly adds up the cost of maintenance for a home. The right design move can be stretched within the budget but it can quickly threaten your savings, if not careful. When buying a new home, you want everything to be perfect, including the outdoors. 

Have a dream home in Multan? 

Then why not have a dream garden too? 

Especially when you have bought your home in the latest housing projects like citi housing scheme Multan phase 1, you have plenty of options to renovate the landscape. 

Read on to discover the advice on the best places you can save money on your home’s landscape redesign. 

1- Keep a simple list 

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to remodeling or renovating the landscape. Everyone wishes to redo their patios, kitchen doors, pools (if any), and fire pits too. But it will cost you and pile up the expenses. 

To keep things under the budget, focus on the elements you want and will use regularly. There’s always a lot to do but shortlisting will help. If you want to save money keep a functional list of the reason you can spend your money on. A site plan in this case can be helpful to not disturb an improved area. 

2- Choose less expensive materials 

Hard surfaces such as pathways, pavers, and patios eat most of your budget in landscaping projects. The materials used are super expensive no matter how cheap you think they are at the moment. So if you are looking to maintain the budget, choose less expensive but resilient materials. 

For instance, a 12-by-10 foot gravel patio is doable temporarily. In the future, you can upgrade it to cut stone. Gravel is a really cost-effective solution. 

3- Use available tools 

While it is tempting to buy new materials like plants, lights and pavers, and so on it’s better to take a pause and think – do you really need to buy new materials?

It is recommended to repurpose the existing materials. For instance, you can use existing plants and other materials and change their placement, or containers instead. It helps save the budget and even brings something new to look at. 

Or instead of installing a new fence, you can paint the picket fence a different color other than the traditional white to give it a new look. Even a color change can be the fresh perspective you need when landscaping. 

4- Select salvaged materials 

If it’s your first time renovating landscaping and does not have any existing materials, then it’s alright. Chances are your society, that you moved into, can offer some leftover materials! Although it’s a hard-luck if you still have the chance you may get the spare materials at discounted rates. 

Or you can always find new materials that are available locally like gravel, wood, or cut stone. The materials found in your local region are more affordable. 

5- Small plants are good 

Landscaping doesn’t look like a hard job, but trust me it’s a whole new world of flora and design. Plants can be expensive if you are not being careful in buying them. Instead of opting for large plants, choose smaller plants because, over time, they will grow in size. Plus, it will cost you less too. 

You can even plant herbs or ornamental grass or vines in small containers. And once they start to outgrow the limited space you can have them sifted through the ground. If you are interested in adding shrubs or cactus they mature slowly so you can keep their containers for a long time. 

6- Hire a professional 

Shopping for clothes is fun and exciting whereas shopping for plants in a nursery requires knowledge and skill. At this point, you should consult or hire a professional who can help you pick out the plants from the nursery explaining the reason for selection. 

A landscaper’s job is to purchase the plant, deliver it to the site, add fertilizers, amend the solid, and dig holes for the plant – making a perfect home for them. Consulting one for short tenure is equally helpful as you can decide which plants are best in summer or winter. This way you will not be buying a dead plant. 


We understand that you want your home to look perfect from inside and out. But your budget can be a constraint. Therefore these ideas will help you overcome your limited finances and invest in materials more carefully. Happy landscaping!

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