Is Britishcourseworkhelp Legit for your Academic Assistance?

If you explore the Internet, you will notice that students nowadays rely on academic service providers in order to get assignments completed. They do so as they face time constraints and are unable to handle multiple assignments. However, reports of fraudulent services have also surfaced. This is why we will take a look at the Britishcourseworkhelp review in this blog.

Paper Quality claims that they provide the best paper quality. The experts scour through various resources to provide you with updated facts and figures. And they validate each statement with appropriate citations.

However, student feedbacks portray a different story. There have been numerous instances, where they received sub-par standard write-up. Moreover, they have even discovered hints of plagiarism.

Very Poor Write-up

I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the write-up. The sentences written by the experts were filled with grammatical errors.

  • Rebecca Matthews, the UK

Customer Service

As per the website, the customer executives respond to each query of the students. They revert to every live chat portal questions and clarify doubts via emails.

However, as per the students, the executives are not cooperative at all. They go offline when asked a question on the live chat portal and hardly pick up the phones. Furthermore, they do not respond to any emails.

Prices and Discounts states that they charge a nominal service fee from students. They are aware of the financial constraints of students and like to keep the charges low, so that everyone can afford the assistance.

But, Britishcourseworkhelp is not reliable. This is because many students have said that the service has many hidden charges. They refuse to provide a refund in case of a dispute and hardly offer any additional perks.

Delivery Policy

A responsible online assignment service will always offer the tasks on time. The experts usually make sure that the students have the required task within the deadline, so that they do not squander valuable marks due to late submission.  

However, the student reviews showcase a different story. The experts at hardly provide the assignments on time. And most students complain that they never get accurate assignments.

Extra Features

Today, students always look for maximum facilities at a discount rate. Thus, they will look for proofreading service, plagiarism checking, unlimited revision, etc. And states that they offer these facilities.

However, the service often does not provide these facilities and challenges students when they are cornered with facts.

Final Thoughts

It is better to stay away from and avail service from best assignment writing service(read My assignment help reviews).

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