Know Christian Marriage Procedure in Pakistan and Questions

Christian Marriage Procedure in Pakistan and Questions:

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Muslim man in Pakistan:

Q: I am an American woman that believes she is falling in love with a Muslim man in Pakistan. From what I have read from your laws and religious injunctions, I think it is good for us to have a meaningful relationship and have a Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan. However, there is a significant age difference between the two, and I am not sure whether this is allowed. I have tried searching my heart to answer this question, as my head tells me this is ridiculous. I am far too old for this man. But my heart refuses to let go. Please give me any information you can as to whether or not there be any legal, moral or religious dictates on this matter, and we can go for Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan.  

Christian marriage procedure:

A; We believe you mean proper Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan when you use meaningful relationships. Yes, Islam puts no bar on a young person marrying an old one of the opposite sex — no matter how old. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Twenty-five years old when he first married Khadijah, a widow reportedly 15 years older than him. Still, you have to do nikah or proper legal registration to go for court marriage in Pakistan.


Q: Can I have a court marriage in Pakistan with a girl with no legal father? 

A: Sure, you can marry the girl. If she was born of some illicit relation, it was no fault on her part. She is innocent and merits special treatment, as there is none to own her as a legal daughter. We believe she must be having some guardian. So, I married her through court marriage in Pakistan.  


Q: I am not a Muslim; I am agnostic) but I respect all religions, I like a young Muslim girl, but she always answers she cannot be my wife because I am not a Muslim; where can I find help to get a court marriage in Pakistan? 

A: A Muslim lady is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim. If you respect and agree with this way (of Islam] to reach God, you should better “take it your priority to study and embrace Islam. This will itself help you in your further endeavors and facilitate your court marriage in Pakistan with the Muslim lady you like,  

Q: I am not a Muslim, I am Christian, but I am studying it. I find most of the words make sense, like what Bible said. There is something I got in my mind and wondering if I love and wish to marry a Muslim woman by way of Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan, that will help me know more about Muslim culture, 

A: Your comments suggest what remains to be done is to confess the faith openly. If you embrace Islam, you do that, and there is no hurdle left to marry the Muslim lady you love. What we need to understand is that Islam is not simply a religion of personal belief. It is also a social system and a code of conduct. The Muslim lady you speak about is bound by that faith and code to marry only someone who confesses to Islam. ‘Why should you not respect her rights to follow her faith and commands of her religion? She can’t marry a non-Muslim, even if he says he believes in Allah and likes the Qur’an.  

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