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What is a restaurant?

A restaurant is a place where you go for your meal of choice after hours. When a person visits these places, it is not just about dining but a feeling of belonging. Although considered expensive, restaurant marketing is very important. The idea behind this sense of belonging may or may not be the one that most excites someone visiting another country but what makes up this feeling is the fact that it gives someone a way to express themselves. It’s important to remember that when a restaurant offers food, they are also offering entertainment as well so if there is no other place to go in town then maybe it’s because you don’t want to miss out on something special. Whatever this means is that a restaurant can open very fast. It doesn’t take long to figure out who has something better than their own meal. There are many different types of restaurants that serve different kinds of meals, however each type must cater to an entirely different type of customer. From the oldest traditional Mexican eatery to the modern Chinese eatery, restaurants offer a variety of foods and drink to meet the needs of those who dine there. Whether someone is looking for a quick bite to eat or they are going to dine all night on a particular dish, there is something for everyone to enjoy at every restaurant and sometimes a desire to have a small taste in the city where you live. People love being able to see what others have to offer and restaurant owners know how to do this to great effect. Let us take a look at my favorite restaurant chain: Chipotle. Now let’s find out why you should start using Chipotle as a restaurant brand.

Chipotle is one of the first restaurant chains to put their name and image into food. In the days of yore, customers wanted to know what was inside your dinner so they came into America from Mexico with an open mind and an open heart. But during the early 20th century people were still struggling to get enough of their native soil so they looked outside with an open mind to try new foods, drinks and more. To satisfy this need to try something new, American culture began placing them on food. They made tacos, burritos, burgers and more in order to offer customers the same food they knew that had been around before. This brought forth a craving for good food that had never previously existed. With this desire for good food, in 1937 Taco Bell opened a quick-service restaurant and offered breakfast burritos. And in 1946 McDonald’s opened a hamburger joint just to hit on that “new crave for good food.” This drive for innovation continued from then until today. Their menu includes some of the best dishes made in the world made by highly trained chefs using quality ingredients. All their ingredients are hand selected and prepared to perfection on the farm and it can often pay off in great ways. One thing that will be sure to turn heads with anyone who dines at Chipotle is their dedication to fresh and nutritious produce. Each item sold is personally packed according to demand with no preservatives added. Ingredients include chicken, beef, pork, turkey, eggplant, chili, tomato, herbs, spices and many more. Because each ingredient is produced in the farms itself, nothing goes wasted as each item was carefully picked, prepared, cooked and packaged correctly. Some products have a shelf life of over four months so that means they will always be ready to eat. Customers love this feature because of its efficiency and convenience. If a consumer has any kind of dietary restriction they will get a list of products they are allowed to purchase. Also, Chipotle knows exactly when a product needs to be replenished. So when you order, they will tell you precisely when they are going to offer it to you. Another reason I think Chipotle is a great food chain is because there are so many branches throughout the United States. Anyone can shop in a Chipotle store and find great deal’s even if they might not think about shopping anywhere else. All of this makes it easy for consumers to decide which flavor they like best. With this much variety in their menu people can choose between two or three options when trying a new recipe and decide if there is a better option worth buying.

There are plenty of reasons which make Chipotas one of the greatest food chains in America. In 2015, Forbes listed them as number 15 on their 2014 Top 500 Fast Food Chains in all 50 states. Which translates to having approximately $1 billion to spend and that money could be used to help feed thousands of hungry families all over America. It gets better though, because it’s hard to find an average family member who doesn’t recognize Chipotle. Everyone likes free stuff. In addition to making thousands of dollars per week, it actually helps these employees by allowing them to have time to relax and spend time away from work. These wonderful employees feel loved by their employer and help keep the company running smoothly. Last but not least, Chipotas offer healthier foods which are not just delicious but healthy as well. Many of the food items on their menu are gluten free which is a huge plus for those who are celiac intolerant. Not only does this benefit the customer but the staff at Chipotle too. Having better-for-you food allows you to better enjoy your trip and ultimately keeps you happy and satisfied. If the job of taking care of children isn’t enough, Chipotle now provides employees incentives for giving back to the community as well! As much fun as it is to visit a chipotle, it is equally as rewarding to support local restaurants by purchasing them. This means you are supporting yourself and helping other folks at the same time which is extremely gratifying.

Chipotle has been around since 2004 and has changed dramatically due to their willingness to innovate. Since opening a million dollar restaurant they’ve added locations in almost every state in the U.S. By providing new foods, services and experiences to diners, they have helped become the largest fast food chain in the world. However, despite the success, they still face lots of challenges which they have been addressing. From health concerns to lawsuits to increasing costs for workers, restaurants need to be prepared for anything that happens. While working towards an improvement process I would like to say they have a 10% improvement rate compared to their current situation. After doing an internal analysis and finding out that their biggest problem is labor and employee stress. According to Gallup these issues affect nearly half the workforce, which makes them one of the worst performers in the sector. Though in 2012 it was reported that they were hiring 16.6 thousand, their performance improved in 2013 to 13.9 thousand but then the growth slowed again. More and more problems arise from working conditions. Unfairly paid hours, unsafe working environments and unhealthy food can cause employees to act out. Then, these same issues create financial issues for employers. For example, when employees complain, they have to wait two weeks before getting a response from their managers. Even more taxing is the cost for replacing employees. The loss of a single worker can cost companies an additional $100 million. These numbers are staggering, however the good news is that these rates can improve with positive word-of-mouth from current employees and new potential recruits. After doing all of this research and analyzing Chipotle and coming up with a solution to address the issue, I am glad to report that while continuing to change as they learn from mistakes they already made, they’re improving their process of reducing labor turnover and creating safer, more nutritious and enjoyable foods. The bottom line is, I think Chipotle has found a way to successfully combine creativity and innovation while remaining true to their original purpose and mission statement.

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