Now Get Annulment Through Divorce Certificate in Pakistan

Annulment Through Divorce Certificate in Pakistan: 

Nazia Law Associates in Lahore can get you a divorce certificate in Pakistan in few days on various grounds. Drunkenness, Habitual drunkenness constitutes one of the statutory grounds for divorce certificate in Pakistan. Still, the drunkenness must be habitual and not merely a single incident or a tendency toward occasional drunkenness. The spouse must have acquired the habit after the marriage. The practice must have continued for a specified period which may be a ground for issuing divorce certificate in Pakistan.


Since marriage is a contract, the ordinary rules of valid contract apply in a marriage, and deception that would make any contract void may also make a marriage contract void, resulting in issuing a divorce certificate in Pakistan. The following are generally recognized as bases for an annulment for fraud:  

Misrepresentation or Concealment of a Prior Marital Status:

 Misrepresentation of one’s intent to go through a Muslim ceremony after a civil ceremony has taken place. A secret intent not to have children or not to live with one’s partner is a misrepresentation. Concealment of serious health impairment or venereal disease is also a misrepresentation. Misrepresentation as to prior morals can result from issuing a divorce certificate in Pakistan.


A ground for divorce, insanity is also a ground for annulment in some states. If the sane spouse is seeking an annulment, he or she must prove that the condition of the insane spouse was unknown at the time of the marriage. If the wife is the insane partner, the court may require the husband to support her.  

Valid Marriage:

Where a divorce dissolves a valid marriage through a divorce certificate in Pakistan, an annulment states that a marriage is void—that it never legally existed. As indicated, some of the grounds for annulment may also be cited as grounds for a divorce certificate in Pakistan. These include fraud and insanity or idiocy. The same law applies in other states.

Legal Age of Consent:

A marriage to a minor, a person under the legal age of consent, can generally be annulled through a divorce certificate in Pakistan, as can an incestuous marriage. The latter is a marriage to a person within a specified degree of kinship. Bigamy, a second marriage by a person who has a living spouse, will also render a marriage void. Because bigamy is not recognized in Pakistan without prior permission of the first wife to marry, the second marriage can always be annulled or held to be void.

Bigamy also constitutes grounds for an absolute divorce for the first wife. Under any circumstances, a judicial decree of annulment will clear the record of the second marriage. Bigamy is also a crime, but ordinarily, the bigamist can be prosecuted only in the state where the crime was committed. That means the state in which the second marriage; however, whatever the case, maybe you can discuss with advocate Nazia who will get you a solution for the issuance of divorce certificate in Pakistan.

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