Pacman 30th Anniversary – Play the Google Game & Learn Cool Facts

There are only a few more months until Pacman’s 30th birthday! Pacman’s 30th anniversary is coming up soon, and people are getting more excited about the game.

On May 21, 1980, Pac-Man was released in Japan. It is one of the best-known games in the world. At the end of October, it was available in the United States for the first time. Bright yellow, pie-shaped Pac-Man quickly became a symbol of the 1980s. He wanders through a maze to eat dots and avoid four ghost hunters.

Pac-Man is an excellent example of how video games can significantly impact a whole generation of people who play them. If you want to pay tribute to Pacman, you can look at the Pacman 30th Anniversary Doodle on Google in 2010.

Pac-history Man’s

It has made its mark for a game where a yellow ball eats and runs away from ghosts. The pop culture icon was made by a young video game designer named Toru Iwatani, and he came up with the idea.

At the start of writing the title, “arcades were full of violent video games that made you kill aliens,” he told me. Toru Iwatani worked for Namco at this time. They were dark places where only boys wanted to hang out, and he added that they were not places where girls wanted to go. Because of that, he set out to fight that stereotype by making a game that women and couples could also enjoy, which he did.

Inventing Pacman

He looks like this because Iwatani says that looking at a Pizza made him look like this. Iwatani thought the missing two slices of pizza looked like a mouth, so he came up with “Pakkuman,” a character that sounds like the Japanese word “paku-paku taberu.” Many people use the term to describe the sound your mouth makes when you open it wide and close it quickly.

A great way to develop a character is to think of a person who looks like them. That type of inspiration still works today, even though Pacman has been around for 30 years.

When Pac-Man plays, he doesn’t have to fight off alien invaders or scary monsters from deep beneath the surface. Pac-Man is running away from four ghosts. With this as his only weapon, players need to think carefully about how to chew their way to victory. Iwatani made the game so that Pac-Man could eat pills, fruits, and power pellets to get to the top of the screen and win.

How did Pacman inspires many other games?

On May 22, 1980, Pac-Man first came out in Japan, which was very small. It will be one of the most popular video games in Japan for a long time. It has inspired more than one generation of gamers to get into the game. Ms. Yang was praised 28 years ago by Google with a logo that lets people play Pac-Man on the search page. She died a few days after he was freed from prison. For the birthday of Ms. Yang and Pac-Man, we will tell you five things about the game.

5 amazing facts about Pacman

When Pacman’s game turns 30, it will be 30 years old! Check out these five things you might not have thought to look up about one of the most popular video games: PACMAN!

Truth 1

There was no Pacman when the Pacman’s designer came up with the idea for the game. The first four letters need to be changed because they aren’t legal.

Truth 2

Pacman turned 30 years old in 2017! Many of our readers have grown up with it, so it’s almost as old as them.

Truth 3

The person who made it is not American. But this isn’t Toru Iwatani; this is Toshio Iwatani, not Toru.

Truth 4

Namco used to call it Puck-Man but later changed it to Pac-Man because they were told that paku-paku (the sound of food) is a Japanese word that isn’t very nice.

Truth 5

Google has made a particular picture in honor of Pac-30th Man’s birthday. Every time you search for pac-man, the picture changes. Over 10 million people came up in our last search.

A computer game called Space Invaders, which Evathani called “a computer game that existed when the most brutal type of war games were the Space Invaders,” spawned Pac-Man.

How does The Game work?

This is how Pac-Man was played: with a joystick or arrow keys on a PC. Pac-Man was primarily made for arcades in the 1980s, like most games. In the game, you move Pacman around the screen to eat all the 240 dots. To achieve this goal, players need to make inputs to change the direction of Pacman, who is perpetually in motion.

The four ghosts (who have their names, by the way) are Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (light blue), and Clyde (Orange) (Orange). These four ghosts each have their ways of attacking. You might not know this, but the ghosts aren’t just AI that follows you.

Whenever a ghost is around, it will always be in one of three modes: chase, scatter or flee. Yes, you read that right, scared. There will be a time when this will seem like bait because you can’t know right away what a ghost will do.

Some Pac-man fans say that these are some things about each ghost. You can look at them as you prepare to go back to Pacman on the 30th anniversary of the game.

Blinky (red):

It’s also known as “Shadow,” and he likes to follow Pac-Man. But when you’ve eaten a lot of dots, he changes his strategy and starts going faster.

Pinky (pink):

She follows Pac-direction Man, but she doesn’t follow Pac-Man himself. Instead, this is how it works: She will move around the closest walls to surprise you and take him out.

Inky (blue):

Inky might be the most dangerous because he isn’t like the other ghosts. His strategy mixes every ghost so that he can be very dangerous.

Clyde (orange):

After leaving the box and going to PacMan, Clyde changes directions and goes on a “scatter” phase. This is why he has been called “pokey.” This part of the maze is where he is most likely to hurt you.

The Impact of Pac-Man

They celebrated Pacman’s 30th anniversary as proof that the game is beautiful.

Pac-Man can be blamed for using Power-Ups in video games and how they make people think strategically.

We can also say that cutscenes are popular because they didn’t exist until this game came out, so they were so popular.

Most importantly, Pac-Man taught game designers how important the main character is and how they can make a game classic.

How to Play Pacman 30th Anniversary in your Google browser

This is one of the most interesting Easter eggs to come out of the Google Doodle feature. They added the full Pacman game to Pacman’s 30-year-old birthday.

People today only need to open their Google Chrome browser and type “Pacman” into the search bar to see what Google has done. This is how you can play the game. This level is a way for Google to show off its work making the doodle.

When you open Chrome on your phone, you’ll need to type “Pacman” into the search bar. You’ll also see the “PAC-MAN Doodle” in your search results. Because it’s from Pacman’s 30th anniversary, you can start the first level by clicking play.

For the desktop version, use your arrow keys to move the character. For the mobile version, swipe gestures are all you need.


In 1980, a company in Japan called Namco set out to make a new game for an arcade. The goal was simple: make a game that everyone could play. When they came up with the idea for Puck Man, they thought it would be a hit. They released it in North America as Pac-Man. The game quickly became one of the most popular arcade games ever made, and many people think it was one of the most critical moments in gaming history. You may not have known these fun facts about Pacman’s story. It’s his 30th birthday today. Pacman, which came out 30 years ago, has become one of the most well-known video games. 

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