Places to Visit near Kalsubai Trek

                                  Places to Visit near Kalsubai Trek


Want to experience trekking at one of the highest Peaks of Maharashtra? Kalsubai Trek in the Shaydari Range of Maharashtra is a perfect leisure retreat for all the trekkers. The trek route is moderately difficult. The trek starts from Bari Village. The Ladder section is the main highlight which makes the trail difficult yet thrilling. The ladder steps are very steep; one has to be very careful while crossing them. It is a perfect blend of spirituality and beauty.

monsoon season

you get an experience to walk on grassland surrounded by a variety of blooming flowers. The trek is open throughout the year. Each season has its beauty. The route becomes slushy and slippery. Kalsubai trek is surrounded by various forts which make it the most demanding place. Once you reach the summit you can visit Kalsubai Temple. The aura of the place is so soothing and divine which will make you fall in love with the place.

                    The best places to visit near the Kalsubai Trek are – 

  • Ratangad Fort – 

Ratangad Fort is part of Kalsubai Trek which is located in Bhandardara. The adrenaline rush combined with the fascinating elegance of the sun is an opportunity that should not be missed. Witness the breathtaking views of the fort. Nestled with greenery, waterfalls, and green meadows the place also has an ancient Hemadpant Temple. But be cautious during the whole trek as the surface is rough, uneven, and slippery. The trek route will approximately be finished within 2-3 hours.

  • Umbrella Falls –

Umbrella Falls is 500 m away from Bhandara Bus stand in Maharashtra. The turquoise blue cascading waterfalls from a height of 500 ft. The view is simply beautiful. If you are planning for trekking then it will approximately take you one hour to complete the route. Trekking provides you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the cool breeze, site seeing, and tranquil ambiance of the place. Guess what?The overflowing water of Wilson Dam gushes out and forms an umbrella-like impression which is nothing with Umbrella falls.

  • Arthur Lake – 

Arthur Lake is located in the lap of Igatpuri, in the Western Ghats.The lake has crystal clear, pristine water. camping, swimming, and boating are some recreational activities that are a must to experience if you are visiting Arthur lake. The place also holds religious importance because Agastya Rishi Ji used to meditate for long hours near the lake. you can find peace of mind at this place because the aura of the place is quiet and serene.

  • Amruteshwar Temple –

 Amruteshwar Temple is 1200 years old temple of Lord Shiva that is located in Ratangad. It is 30 km away from Bhandardara Village. one of the most visited places that is crowded .It is constructed in Hemadpanthi style using black stones. The hot water spring is the main highlight of the temple.

  • Alang Fort –

 Alang Fort is a popular trekking site of Ambewadi, Maharashtra. It connects two twin forts i.e Madan and Kulang. It is not a solo trek being a beginner if you are desperate to visit the place you can hire local guides.

All three forts when combined resemble a half-moon which makes the view unique and stunning. The forest section is the base of the trek route which is a treasure as you get to see seasonal streams, a variety of flora and fauna. The long walks connect you with nature and make you feel rejuvenated.

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