The Advantages of Coffee Service for the Office

When it’s hard to hire and retain good employees, many companies are looking for small perks to keep their valued employees happy and on the job. Hiring a coffee service might be a small price to pay for satisfied, productive employees. It is important to keep employees satisfied and on the job for productivity and a healthy workplace. Coffee consumption can actually improve productivity and job satisfaction. A coffee service provides more than a coffee machine in the break room.

Why Should Company Owners Hired Coffee Service for Their Office Workers?

Though a lonely coffee machine in the break room is better than nothing, hiring a professional coffee service ensures a better coffee product for employees. Coffee is delivered on a schedule that is convenient to the business. The machinery provided works well and is maintained by the service. The employees can choose what major brands of coffee to be delivered. 

Consumption of quality coffee will keep everyone happy and even boost productivity in the office. Hiring a coffee service for office does not need to be a long-term commitment. The coffee service can be discontinued any time it is no longer needed. The coffee service can change the products delivered or the delivery schedule as needed. The coffee service may also provide tea, cocoas, and bottled drinks for those who do not drink coffee.

Advantages of Using a Coffee Delivery Service at the Office

  • Since the service maintains the equipment, there is no need to waste time cleaning or repairing it. It only takes a call to get the equipment repaired if something goes wrong.
  • Instead of one container of coffee sitting on the counter getting stale, there are regular deliveries of a variety of fresh coffee, teas, and other drinks, as ordered.
  • Having a coffee delivery service can actually save the company and employees money and time. Employees will not have to stop on the way to work for expensive coffee shop coffee. Employers will not lose work time when employees take long breaks to go to a nearby coffee shop for coffee.
  • It will no longer be necessary to designate a person to make coffee for the office or maintain the equipment.
  • Being able to share a cup of coffee or tea with co-workers can improve office morale and productivity. Employees can share ideas and collaborate on projects while they enjoy a good beverage. A coffee area is often a place where employees talk about their work and share ideas. Employees get to know each other and improve their work experience.
  • Having good equipment and favorite brands of coffee and other beverages shows employees they are appreciated. If employees feel appreciated, they will be more productive.
  • Having coffee available can lead to employees who are stimulated and have heightened brain activity. Coffee can fight sleepiness and make employees more alert and more focused on their jobs.
  • When a company provides a collaborative work area with coffee or other beverages available, it is a win-win situation. The relaxed atmosphere is good for group meetings and can lead to more innovative ideas and greater productivity.
  • Taking a short beverage break can lead to working time being more productive. Employees get up, stretch, and recharge as they go to the coffee area. They go back to their workstations renewed and ready to work.
  • Company meetings can be more productive when good beverages are available to the people attending the meeting. Caffeine helps employees be more receptive to information and more apt to understand and retain the information they hear. Caffeine can also improve the memory of those attending the meeting.

It is important to look at several coffee delivery services and choose the one that offers the service at a price that meets the company’s requirements while satisfying the employees’ need for good coffee or other beverages. Hiring a substandard coffee service is not going to meet the goal of making employees more satisfied and more productive.

It might be a good idea to include the employees in the hiring decision. There can be a day when several coffee delivery services are invited to bring samples of their products for taste testing. It may be that some employees are not coffee drinkers and want additional beverages like tea, juice, and flavored water. Even coffee drinkers like different varieties of coffee such as whole bean coffee, espresso, cold brew, or single-source coffee cups. A full-service company will provide the equipment and supplies everyone wants. Then, they will maintain the equipment and keep the supplies fresh.

The employees might want a coffee delivery service that also supplies healthy snacks to keep them powered up for a full day’s work. This professional coffee service might also provide serving supplies to go with the coffee, drinks, and snacks. This could include cups, spoons, napkins, and glasses.

More Than a Good Cup of Coffee

A full-service coffee delivery service can provide more office needs than a great cup of coffee. They can offer products for break room sanitation, janitorial supplies, and more. They can also be more sustainable or “green” and offer eco-friendly supplies. This service can also help the business owner design a more efficient and pleasant break area for their employees to enjoy.

Employers can make this move to keep their employees more satisfied with their jobs and more productive at a minimum cost to the company. Including employees in the coffee service decision is a good idea. Managing the use of the coffee service and the productivity of employees can be a delicate balance. Perhaps some ground rules should be worked out when a coffee delivery service is being contemplated.

Hiring a coffee delivery service is just one of the many things an employer can offer employees to keep them satisfied and cut down on turnover. Some additional strategies can include paying above-average wages, improving company communication with employees, providing flexibility, making employees feel valued, and rewarding high performances. 

Employers who show workers they are respected and valued have better retention rates. Flexible vacation practices and rewards for good performances are additional ways to keep employees.

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