The Benefits of Patient Registration Carts

In the past, the patient registration process took forever. A person would arrive at the office or hospital and wait in line to check in with the receptionist. They would then be handed a clipboard with a packet of papers to complete. They would also be asked to hand over their insurance card and ID to be scanned into the system or photocopied. This process took time and was often frustrating to the patient, particularly when they were ill and just wanted to be seen by the doctor. Today, many healthcare organizations use a streamlined process, one that allows a patient to be seen more rapidly. How does this process benefit healthcare practitioners and patients?

Reduced Time for Check-In

When healthcare organizations bring the check-in process to the patient, they save time and labor. For instance, a hospital may make use of Patient Registration Carts to bring the registration process to a patient in a room. This allows more people to handle registration without taking up space in the lobby or waiting room. The patient moves to a room quickly and the registrar comes to them. Doctors can then see patients in the order the registration process is finished, so if one patient takes longer to register, other patients aren’t being held up. This allows more patients to be seen without sacrificing care. 

Fewer Clinical Errors

When a person enters information manually into a system from paperwork, errors may happen. A person’s penmanship may lead to these errors, as the individual handling the manual data entry cannot read what is written. This could lead to rejected insurance claims and other problems. When the registrar brings the process to the patient with the help of one of these carts, they enter the information as the patient provides it. This reduces errors due to poor penmanship and ensures accurate information makes its way into the system. If there are any questions regarding the information provided, the registrar addresses them at check-in. This reduces the need to follow up with the patient at a later time, which helps to reduce downstream costs. 

Improved Patient Care

Patients dread going to a healthcare provider when they know they must fill out copious amounts of paperwork. This frustrates them, especially when they are ill or have already filled out the same paperwork multiple times as they try to get their healthcare concerns addressed. Bringing the registration process to the patient and handling the process electronically rather than manually provides the patient with a better overall experience. This benefits not only the patient but also the practice. 

If your organization has yet to make use of patient registration carts, now is the time to consider investing in these devices. The use of the carts to bring the process to the patient simplifies the registration process, helps minimize errors, and improves patient satisfaction. With many cart styles to select from, every organization finds they can choose a model that meets its requirements while remaining within its budget. Learn more today to see if these carts are needed in your practice.

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