Top 9 Comfort Foods To Make Things Right

We all go through all kinds of times, some happy, some rough and some just sad. And for those sad times, when it seems like nothing is going right, we have some kind of coping mechanism that helps us through that time. Some turn to friends and family for comfort, while some find peace in solitude to sort things out. However, if you are a foodie, then even during those times, you turn to your best friend- Food, just like us!

The comfort food concept is pretty much what it sounds like; food that provides you with comfort when you need it the most. The idea of comfort may be universal, but they are different for everyone. Though, there are certain delicacies that tend to make everyone smile just the same. These incredible foods are loved by people all over the globe equally! So if you wanna know which food is your type or to know if your comfort food made a list, keep on reading:


Do we even have to even say more? Pizzas have been around for over a century now, and it has taken the food market by storm. Over the years, the particular cuisine has been developed and changed many times. The one thing that remains the same is the comfort pizza offers us when we are sad.


Indians, especially Delhiites, need no introduction to these softies. Sold at every nook and corner of the country, momos is that spicy friend who brings calm to our lives’ chaos. Interestingly, this fabulous dish is actually Tibetian, but Indians have adopted it as their with all its spice and sweetness.

Ice Cream

It may seem cold from the outside, but its warmth to our hearts is truly incredible! Yes, you guessed it right- Icecream, The one thing that has been healing broken hearts for as long as we can remember. With various intriguing flavours available, you can never hate this excellent dessert.


A dessert that is actually synonyms with celebration and happiness, how can it provide anything but comfort to you?! Whenever you feel down, just go for cake delivery in Rohtak or wherever you are to treat yourself with a scrumptious cake that will make you forget about everything. One glance at this creamy heaven is enough to get into a groovy mood right away, so dont shy away from claiming your love.


The thicker cousin of chocolate is one of the most delicious things we have ever had. A jar of Nutella is supposed to be full of tremendous magical powers to cure every sorrow with just a spoonful. So the next time you feel a little under the weather, just grab a jar of Nutella, a big spoon, and your cosy blanket to defeat the rainy clouds and invite shining sun into your life.


The world’s favourite breakfast has been making us feel amazing for as long as we can remember. When greased up with delicious maple syrup and sweet fruits like strawberries, blueberries and bananas, this layered sweetness tastes something like how breakfast in heaven would be.

Mac and Cheese

Maybe not that popular in India, but mar and cheese are a real treat and instant. The creamy pasta doesn’t take a long time to make and tastes so good that you would want more with every bite. If you wish to get out of your bad mood, making mac and cheese is an excellent way!


The hub of spice and debates, Biryani is the love of everyone! Now when we talk about arguments, we are not talking about non-veg and veg Biryani cause everyone knows that veg biryani is just pulao. No, we are talking about a much more considerable debate of if cardamom belongs in Biryani. But apart from that, Biryani is genuinely the food every desi finds comfort in.


Last but not least, the best friend of every woman out there, we can not leave chocolate out of the list. In every form, be it bars, candy, hot chocolate, brownies or cakes- chocolates are there to comfort you whenever you need them. In sickness and in health, chocolate is truly the partner we all need.

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