What is Men Type Quiz in 4 Simplified Steps

Are you crazy to know about what is your men’s type? Or have you also searched in google “what’s my type of guy”? If you are in a relationship and want to enhance more on your page this is the right type of quiz you would want to read on your website.

But it is fine if you even do not know how to make a men type quiz made for women for it, we got your back!

In this article, we will talk about how you can make a men’s type quiz and what it actually means.

What do you mean by Men type?

For some ages and we thank the Gen-Y for this shoptalk to become a web sensation back in the mid-twentieth century.

Women began getting increasingly more say in picking an accomplice for them, at youthful ages. Therefore, they began to ponder, assuming there is a specific type of man that they draw in.

In one line, the type of men you draw in or you have interest in, is your men type, or type of men you would be viable with.

What is My Men Type Quiz-Calculation

In any case, for what reason do you have to realize your men’s type?

Indeed, old buddy, there is no straight response to it. A few women simply need to know it for no particular reason, while others are truly needing to know what sort of men they draw in (and why?)

Try not to concern you don’t need to place any math in figuring out your soul mate; however, you can most likely know what sort of men you draw in. Just to you know, be on the more secure edge, and chase after warnings? Or then again both?

For what reason do we want a Men type of Quiz?

As we realize that there is no alternate way to find a hobby accomplice or a calculation to get the man of your fantasies. Life generally gives you decisions and you need to go with the scandalous and perilous, hit and preliminary strategy to get to that ideal relationship in your life.

In any case, a few inquisitive individuals as you would rather not be the troublemaker of anyone’s story and chase after the type of men quiz. These quizzes won’t give you a soul mate in skin and bone.

It is totally ordinary to save your heart from separating, indeed, that is one of the principal motivations behind why the men type quiz for women was made.

Other than that, we have this little expectation, that perhaps we would have the option to track down a superior accomplice assuming we get to realize what type of men we draw in. Truly, you could need to go after that sort of fellow, correct?

What is My Men Type Quiz-Why do we want a Men type quiz?

In any case, on the off chance that you are seeking to become a savior for young ladies, who are needing to observe their men’s type, you can make a men’s type test or a men’s type quiz and we will take you through every one of the means in question.

How to make a Men type Quiz?

Presently, that we are here to make a men type quiz, we should realize what are a few attributes that create a man and how might you teach it in the quiz called “What is my type in men?”

Yet, what are various types of folks? or then again do we have various types of folks quiz? Indeed, we don’t. Also really, every man or lady is unique along these lines, it is truly challenging to make a quiz for every one of the various types of men that exist.

Various types of folks could be:

  • The Romantic Guy
  • The Hot Guy
  • The Ambitious Guy
  • The Partier
  • The Musician
  • The Guy who likes You
  • The Guy who you Like
  • The Genius Guy

Nonetheless, we can coagulate a few data and make a men type quiz, which will be a client arranged quiz, for various responses, you get an alternate men type, intriguing right?

Stage 1: Installing the QSM module

To make the quiz, initially, you need to download the WordPress Quiz module, Quiz, and Survey Master. This module is the best quiz and study module for your WordPress site.

You can download the QSM module from the connection given beneath or straightforwardly from the WordPress site.

Stage 2: Creating Questions

Inquiries in this quiz must be made female-arranged. There could be a few inquiries where you can add pictures or gifs to your quiz questions.

While planning the inquiries you really want to ensure that it doesn’t need to overwhelm or exaggerate the place of concentration. Basically, you can add questions like “does trustworthiness draw in you?” yet there is a beginning that nobody despises genuineness, correct?

A few examples questions could be:

  • Could it be said that you resemble your dad more or your mom?
  • In school, did you have a strong position?
  • Have you been drawn to somebody in a strong position?
  • Which young men are the most sizzling in secondary school?
  • What might you like as a calling?
  • Who might take care of the bill on the date?
  • How might you portray yourself in a single word?
  • Who are you more drawn to?

Stage 3: Creating Quiz

After your inquiries are concluded you can now make the quiz. You can add pictures to your responses while entering the inquiry, you can do such by choosing your response type as “Picture Answers”

To keep the responses basic and in text, you can leave the setting as default and answer type as “Text Answer”

Other than that, you can likewise add an included picture for the total inquiry, which would be shown under the inquiry, to improve individuals’ get your inquiry.

Stage 4: Publishing the Quiz

After your quiz is made, you can see the review and search for escape clauses or a few augmentations as indicated by the requirement.

Yet, prior to distributing the quiz, you need to ensure your outcomes page is very much fabricated. You can add various outcomes pages for various men-type quiz results.

Truth be told, there can be four different outcome pages for four unique circumstances or perhaps two for two distinct circumstances.

You can add an outcomes page as per your desire and conditions. For instance, we have put two outcome pages, one of them showing the outcomes for a geeky and timid person while the other for the intense and bossy type. This is the manner by which you can make your outcomes page.

What is My Men Type Quiz-Publishing the Quiz

After your outcomes pages become all-good according to the requirement, you can basically distribute the quiz for individuals to see and share. You can likewise share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or on your socials like Snapchat to increment reach.


From this blog, you might have seen how you might make a men type quiz utilizing the WordPress quiz module, Quiz and Survey Master. In the event that you feel somewhat wary, you can make a quiz for yourself by following the above advances and offering it to your companions and clients.

Assuming you are a relationship master, you can undoubtedly have a “What Type of Men do I draw in?” quiz for your female crowd, and produce traffic for your WordPress site.

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