What Types of Cake Stands Do You Require?

Let’s face it; no party, whether it’s a modest children’s birthday party or a lavish wedding reception, would be complete without a magnificent cake, the most popular dessert of choice for celebrations. Pastry chefs and bakers have artistically updated cakes in custom bakery boxes throughout the years. They do it to match them with a certain event theme. Or they need to make them distinctive in their own manner. However, the beauty of these cakes is not only dependent on how you make them but also on how they are presenting them. That is why the kind of cake stands that you need to use with various cakes or occasions is what you should consider.

Nowadays, thanks to the ingenuity of event planners and suppliers, we have a plethora of fresh and unique methods to exhibit our cakes. There are many exquisite cakes stands available for purchase in department shops, as well as ones that may be readily manufactured at home.

Types of Cake Stands

Let’s take a look at some of the most common varieties of cake stands; also, see when and how we may use them for any occasion.


The pedestal cake stand is perhaps the most common of all sorts. So, you can see them in a café, bakery, or even a typical home. It features a pillar (often three to six inches long) that supports the main base (about six to twelve inches in diameter) where you put the real cake. A domed form of this style features a transparent glass dome that acts as a cover for the cake on display. They are making it an excellent choice for an outdoor party. When presenting wedding or birthday cakes, this is typically the safest choice. Also, it is available in crystal, porcelain, and even wood.


When exhibiting cakes, working with levels is a terrific idea. It is true, particularly if you want them to stand out among the other kinds of food or dessert on your spread. A tiered or pillared cake stand is required for this style of presentation.

A tiered cake stand is similar to a pedestal cake stand. But it has more than one base on which to display cakes. Also, it is typically the ideal choice when cupcakes are involved. As the stand becomes higher, the bases get smaller and smaller, producing the image of a desert tree or pyramid. Cupcakes are put on the larger bases, with a little genuine cake placed at the top-most base, or the whole stand is filled with cupcakes. Petit-fours or other little pastries may be placed in lieu of cupcakes in this sort of stand.

Meanwhile, a pillared stand can often show three miniature cakes at once, each on a distinct level. It is available smaller replicas of the pedestal cake stand that the makers join together to create a stair-like impression. Are you throwing your child’s first birthday party? To keep your baby’s smash cake apart from the cake your guests are eating, use a pillared cake stand.


The floating cake stand is a variant on the tiered stand. But with, the supporting bars are located on just one side, giving the appearance that the cakes are floating when put on the bases. Ornate wedding or debutante cakes may be presented tastefully on this sort of stand, and for added convenience, floating cake stands that can be dismantled for simple storage are now available.


The cake plateau is a simple platform that you may use for a casual housewarming celebration or a typical family supper. It is often fashioned of silver or porcelain. Also, it resembles a pedestal cake stand. But it lacks the lengthy pillar that supports it beneath. However, it may have three or four short “legs” that give it a little height advantage above the other dishes on the table.

Other techniques to beautify a cake that you have to pack in custom Bakery boxes include tinting and icing. Typically, frosting begins with a white base, and you can color it with varying quantities of food coloring. Icing is another approach to make cakes seem more appealing. Icings come in a variety of flavors. However, butter-cream frosting is the most usual and popular option. It’s silky and creamy. Sugar, butter, and other flavorings are what you can use to make the butter-cream. As a result, it may readily melt under high temperatures.

When adorned appropriately, these various stands may be utilized for any sort of occasion. But you have to consider a total of three factors.

  • You should consider The kind of event you’re arranging.
  • The type of cake you’ll be serving at the event.
  • The ‘style’ you want your display to have.


Once you’ve figured them out, you’ll have a better idea of what cake stand you’ll need and what you can do with it to accomplish the appearance you’re going for. Best wishes and happy cake stand searching!

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