Yayoins-an online store

Yayoins- An Introduction:

In this pandemic situation, many people have started shopping online. Yayoi is the name of a branded clothes store, available only online. The U.K-based online store is selling clothing and fashion products such as t-shirts and short sets, accessories, shirts, bottoms, coats, and jackets, female sets, sweatshirts, casual sets, etc.

Yayoins Features:

NO one can deny that Yayoins products and stock are really very impressive. But they did not update their catalog on a regular basis. Products are really very nice so that one can not leave the site without purchasing any product.

Below is the list of stock they actually have

  • Sports Seats for men and women
  • Male, female jacket set
  • Sweatshirt for both male & Female
  • T-shirts for boys, and girls
  • Plush pants
  • Casual sets for men, and women.
  • Bottoms for males, and females


The store shows a really very nice collection of western fashion with a huge discount. Which attracts the people but at the same time it created curiosity among people; that is how this store is selling good quality products at discounted rates.

Copied Content:

One main defect has been noticed that a maximum of product images are copied from other websites, just for reselling the products. Lots of items including its website theme match with multiple problematic sites.

Returns and Exchange:

It has a Return and Exchange Policy which is found to be very unrealistic for the return as they did not provide any address for return. And not even one can exchange items. So, it is impossible to get the full payment back from these kinds of websites due to their confusing provisions.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

Many of the customers have been complaining about delivery time and some even complain about the quality and size of articles. But no one gets the solution and has not even been responded to.
No genuine address.


Having unrealistic discounts, no one can believe that such a discount could be given by any brand on clothing. Same as it, the store does not have a real place. Some of the surveyors have verified the contact number and address. Address, Contact Number have been verified, after verification, it’s been clear that there is no accurate address of this store. In the future, if anyone found these types of fraud or fake websites they should inform the city -One should also inform the bank to avoid such fake stores shopping or, they should immediately inform the cyber-crime team.

Where are the Reviews?

The company’s own website offers customers to post their reviews and leave comments if they have any.
Despite all complaints and issues, still, Yayoins have a noteworthy reputation among online stores. But still, we don’t need to forget the drawbacks.

Quality Products:

Due to different issues of exchange and return policy, no cash on delivery services and not even updating the catalog, make the site more susceptive. So one should pay proper attention while purchasing online.

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